Empowering people to drive positive environmental change in the workplace

Empowering people to drive positive environmental change in the workplace

Product Strategy, User Research, Information Architecture, Interface & Interaction design

Information architecture, Interface & interaction design, Usability testing

Sitemap, User Journeys, Wireframes, Clickable Prototypes, Usability Testing

Sitemap, User journeys, Wireframes, Clickable prototypes, Annotated designs, Design System


Creating a safe space for employees to encourage company decision-makers to ignite change

This internal project wanted Mirum employees to feel confident promoting more sustainable ways of thinking and working at work. We knew that people wanted change in the way we commute, use stationery, manage waste, order food and talk about sustainability at work. But it's also easy to feel powerless and defeated.

So we came up with an app concept where employees could team up and suggest change-driven initiatives that Mirum decision-makers would have to implement.

This project is still work in progress. Please get in touch to know more.

Working in tandem with a UI Designer for three months, I brought Chocolatory's physical pop-up concept to the digital world. The result: a webshop with tailored designs for people to create their KitKat bars, make their own gift box selection and browse KitKat's Limited Editions.


Working with a team of Strategists and a Copywriter, I defined the concept of the app before bringing to life its information architecture, interface and storytelling elements.

Product strategy

Relying on findings from interviews with employees, I defined the app's key goals and concept to address the user challenges and company culture.

I defined the sitemap and the five key user journeys to turn Chocolatory's product offering into a smooth user experience.

Experience framework

I set the UX foundations – defining the user goals, key functionalities and main user flows as well as the information architecture of the app.

Interface design

Sketching sessions with a UI Designer and Copywriter allowed for the definition of the app's interface and the concept's storytelling


Turning KitKat’s pop-up stores into an online shop experience